Christmas Function 2017

This year the team at ARAL spent our Christmas function at the beautiful Wenderholm beach & reserve. Seemingly in the best weather Auckland has seen, it was perfectly timed on the 8th of December as soon as the clock struck 12.

We hired a Bus for the team to get out to Wenderholm from the office in Takapuna, fit with all of the necessary bells and whistles (such as a bar and dance floor).

Off to a great start, we set up camp at on the gorgeous reserve and quickly established teams for football to get the ball rolling for the day ahead. Both the beach and reserve were quiet which made it perfect for hanging out, swimming, snacking and of course, lawn bowls!

With the sun in the sky and the picnic blankets laid out, the catering arrived! (Just as the packets of crisps were running low) The buffet experience on the beach is an unbeatable combination this time of year.

A day of music, swimming, sun, delicious food and activities was the perfect way to unwind from the year and grow as a team. We are very lucky to have such incredible staff, all of which are looking forward to 2018 and the opportunities it holds!

With warm wishes from AR & Associates, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!